Cyuza's Island - Pic-Nic

You have a free day and you do not know what activity to do? So we offer a picnic day. The program of the day, from Musanze to the nearest lake village. From there, walk down + - 40min to the lake. Once at the lake, you will board our little boat and we'll take you to go around the lake, allowing you to see the beauty of the hillsides. After that we'll take you to the island to go around (plan good shoes) and then we'll give you a meal that will consist of a fresh tilapia directly from the lake.


Program :

  • - Departure from Musanze
  • - Arrival at the village XXX
  • - Descent on foot (+ - 40min)
  • - Tour of the lake
  • - Island Tour
  • - Meal on the island
  • - Back to Musanze


Price: 12000 FRW / pers