When you leave the hotel, you are directly at the crossroads coming from Ruhengeri and head to the Virunga chain . You will be in direct contact with Rwandan , with their houses and shops.

On the horizon you can see the foothills of the Virunga volcanoes and peaks .

You do have to walk a few hundred meters to find yourself on the bustling market Kinigi . You'll meet traders and filled with fruits, vegetables, grains or kitchen utensils shops. You can also buy phone cards and some objects of everyday life. Of course, you can also find items of local crafts .

You can also walk 3 miles and go by road to the entrance of Virunga . If you have decided to go see the gorillas , this is where you will rendezvous with your guides. To return, you could very well return the eucalyptus forest and fields .

You will see that nature is teeming with small animals , insects and birds. In grasslands you will see the typical Rwandan cows. You also meet a lot of men and women working in the fields or carrying wood and fruit on their heads. Children are curious and smiling they come your way .